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This is the Netherlands’ most common woodpecker. Both the male and the female of the species drum on branches with short, rapid staccato beats to confirm their bonding as a pair, as well as to mark out their territory. Great spotted woodpeckers hack out nest holes in trees which feature a rounded entrance. They prefer softer wood, such as birch. Woodpeckers are able to hammer like this as their brains are protected by a sort of shock absorbing damper. Inside the nest holes, the eggs are simply laid on the bare wood. 

Product information

Print Full Color Waterloos offset
Size 25 x 25 cm (+ additional 1 to 2 mm edging (perimeter)
Glass 2 mm (plexi)glas XT
Ink Plant based inks
Frame Black, matt anodised aluminium
300 gr. Mondi Planoplus
Article number 115

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